Gardening is my favorite hobby. There is just something about seeing new life starting to grow that makes me giddy and so HAPPY. 
My all time favorite flower is Lavender. I have tried to grow it a few times but always failed terribly. I have always thought that the harsh winter and short summer make it impossible to grow here.

Until yesterday when I was watching a presentation of how to grow your own vegetables and herbs.
The woman who was holding the presentation grows Lavender in her own garden and it actually thrives. You can't imagine how happy this made me. 
I guess I'm not the only person who likes Lavender because people were asking her a lot of questions. And this is what I found out.
She doesn't shelter her Lavender plants through winter nor feed them any fertilizer. She said that her secret is drainage. We have really wet autumns and therefore it isn't the cold that kills these plants but the water retention in the soil. 
She grows her plants in plain perlite.  

So... I decided to give this another try. 
I planted some seeds in a seedling potting soil. I know it is rather difficult to grow them from seed but I had to give it a try. I'll just buy a plant from a nursery that she told me about if this doesn't work
I plan to transfer the seedlings to plain perlite if they sprout.
And hopefully I can soon walk through a field of Lavender
Source: Country Living
Ohh I can smell it already
Lots of love