It has bean raining cats and dogs the last few days so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to stay inside and paint. My daughters play table and chairs were getting a bit worn out so I decided to give them a redo. When I asked my daughter Helena which color she wanted she replied "PINK" without a thought.  I wasn´t surprised since my soon to be 5 year old daughter insists on being called a "princess".
My better half was out of town and had our camera with him so I didn´t get the chance to take a before picture. 
But this is what it looks like new from the store...

Source IKEA
Well ours wasn´t new from the store. It had crayon marks on it, food stains and paint chipping off. 
So off I vent to the hardware store to buy some pink paint. To find the right shade of pink I took a pink paper napkin with me. This napkin was the shade that I wanted so when I was at the store I just found the closest color to the color of the napkin. Trust me its not as easy as you think to pick the right color from 10 different shades of pink. 

This is how it looks like today...
I might paint some images on it later or put some fabric on it like  you can see here...
Source babyology 
But for now I´m liking the change.
The hardest part was: waiting for the paint to dry
My only regret: Not painting it years ago